4001 U.S. 321, Gastonia, NC 28052, USA

+1 704 678 0174

 Our team is comprised of a mix of dedicated American and Australian expertise, giving you the best of both worlds.

Our team combines years of hot rodding experience that will ensure that you receive a quality build.  

Jim has had his body shop in the same location for 43 years and his experience is hard to measure.

David has years of custom painting cars and Harley’s and has built Porsche’s, hotrods and old VW’s for 20 years.                                  

We offer a source and ship option, where we use our local down under resources to locate the exact model Ute you are looking for.

We handle all the Export and Import processes for you.

We then source local US content for mechanicals that meet all US standards and safety mandates.

We then, hand build, your special vehicle with the utmost attention to detail and workmanship.

There are 2 door Utes and 4 door Crewman models to choose from and if you want something really different we could find you a Wagon.

We are also offering conversions with what you may already drive and own, so if you have a Pontiac GTO or maybe a Pontiac G8 we can take your ride and give you back a piece of aussie muscle in the form of a Ute.

Our Team