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Our mission is to build a safe, modern and unique vehicle that encompasses everything Australians have grown up with and now offer that to a US audience.


Our mission is to build a vehicle that is one of a kind , unique, something you’ve never seen before. A hot rod that is safe easy to drive and a blast to own with the added bonus of drawing a crowd no matter where you go.



Our Plan


G’day Mate ! .. We are a couple of car guys with a plan. 

That plan is to build a car that is different ...a vehicle that you can’t find here at any local dealer.

In Australia, we call them Utes.  They are everywhere in Australia, hauling farm equipment in the outback to a weekend track car in Sydney. 

We are more than excited to bring this beloved Australian icon to the United States. 

 My name is David.  I am originally from Adelaide, Australia and have been in the United States for about 15 years.  I have dreamed of having a ute here in the US to drive, and finally this dream has come true.  

Along with my father in law Jim, who has owned a US body shop for 43 years, we have started importing these Aussie muscle cars here to the US.

My love of Holdens started early. My Mum drove one of the first Holden Monaro GTS cars off the line and my first Holden was a VL Commodore.

So now, I’d like to take this Aussie pride for Ute’s a step further, with plans to build several a year for people that are looking for a vehicle that gets plenty of attention.

With mates in shipping and other mates in Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide we can find Utes or wagons, even parts from all over Australia.
We can build you a Ute from mild to wild, stock or a rocket ship, you choose.  The Sky is the Limit!